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Dynamics 365 Marketing’s real-time marketing features offer powerful personalization capabilities. With the newly added List capability we can send our contacts personalized mails with e.g. a list of the orders they have with us.

Lists (each) statements allows us to format and display repeated content for a given table. We can add the code required to create these statements directly in the designer (or in the HTML view).

We can then use the placeholder dialog to specify the list to be evaluated including the number of rows to display and the order to display them in

Walk through

To test this out let’s create a new mail in the Real-time area of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

We add a text component to the mail, type a salutation and make room for the list (1) we will add to the mail using advanced personalization.

Having prepared the mail body, we will create a list placeholder and select the table (entity) we what to use for the list.

To create a list placeholder we click Personalize (2), expand the Advanced personalization area (3), and then click Add List (4) to display the List dialog

In the List dialog we click Select a data field (1) to display available sources (audiences)

We select Contact (2), and then scroll down in the list and select the Orders (3) table.

Next, we can add any attributes we want to display as the repeated content in the list. In this simple example we will just for the Name of the order

So we click the Attributes field (4) to expand the list of available attributes, click Name (5), and then Save (5) to close the List dialog and return to the mail. Note, we could have specified max amount of list items and more before we saved.

We notice the new List placeholder (“Order”) is created as expected (7)

The last thing we need to do is to generate the code for our dynamic list. We don’t have to write to code ourselves, Dynamics 365 Marketing’s new Code generator does that for us!

We can click the Code generator icon (8) to open the Code generator dialog.

In the Code generator dialog we click the Select condition or list drop-down (1), and then select our table Orders (2)

The code to loop to the contacts orders is generated (3) and we can click Copy code (4) to copy the code to the clip board.

Final step with the mail is to paste the code into the mail at the desired location (5)

To test we create and run a simple journey

And verify the contact receives a mail with her current orders with us listed by name.

With the new List capability we can now be even more personal in our communication with our contacts. Enjoy!

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