Who can bypass the lobby

You can set up a Microsoft Teams Webinar directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing to create online presentations. The default webinar settings are configured to provide the best attendee and presenter experience. However, you can easily tweak these settings from your Dynamics 365 Marketing event. To change the default settings, set the Change meeting options switch … Continue reading Who can bypass the lobby


Troubleshooting real-time marketing journeys

When your Dynamics 365 Marketing Real-time journey runs, the journey flow will be visualized in a Sankey diagram. The diagram is great, it lets you see which paths contacts who entered the journey follows, and how many contacts go down each path. But what if you face a situation in which you realize the flow … Continue reading Troubleshooting real-time marketing journeys

Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Marketing

If you are looking for Guides to get you started with Dynamics 365 Marketing you might want to take a look at these two guides, by yours truly Real-time Marketing Version 1.0, published June 11, 2021 Learn to build an event-based journey with digital triggers, and AI supported messaging The Real-time marketing capabilities are currently … Continue reading Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Make it mine – the new Deal Manager in Dynamics 365 Sales

Today, to manage our pipeline, us sellers are expected to view a dashboard, navigate to the list of opportunities, drill down into a specific deal, and then acquire the context needed to move the deal forward. These are a lot of steps that takes us out of our workflow. Enter the Deal Manager. A new … Continue reading Make it mine – the new Deal Manager in Dynamics 365 Sales