Make it mine – the new Deal Manager in Dynamics 365 Sales

Today, to manage our pipeline, us sellers are expected to view a dashboard, navigate to the list of opportunities, drill down into a specific deal, and then acquire the context needed to move the deal forward.

These are a lot of steps that takes us out of our workflow.

Enter the Deal Manager. A new workspace us sellers can easily customize to fit our unique business and individual requirements.

With the deal manager workspace, we are releasing a new experience that is intuitive, modern, and personal, allowing sellers to quickly view the right deals, get the right context, and take action no more than one click away.

The workspace experience will change the way us sellers interact with our opportunities, making us more productive, and ultimately more successful at closing deals.

Make it mine

So as a seller, to be real efficient, I need my workspace to be ‘mine’. Looking at the ‘out-of-the-box’ Deal Manager I’d like to make few changes to really help me work fast and efficient.

To begin with I’d like to get rid of a couple of columns so I click Edit Columns

I uncheck the columns I’d don’t need for now – and voila, I have the view I need.

Taking a closer look at my bubble chart I notice a big red (grade D) opportunity in the upper right corner.

I click the opportunity, and with the in-context task pane, I can easily create a phone call, and a note, to make sure I do what I can to make this opportunity better.

Having handled the opportunity, I return to making the Deal Manager mine. I’d like to see average in stead of sum of Est. Revenue. I can simply click the sum at the bottom of the Est. Revenue column and pick at new measure.

The editable grid even lets me work with the opportunities in the grid, without having to open the opportunity. I can eg. update forecast category from pipeline to committed directly in the grid (the opportunities forecast categories are important for a predictive forecasting, so enabling a really easy updating capability like this is really helping me as well as our sales management)

In the upper part of the workspace I see a bunch of stats for my opportunities, e.g Pipeline value. I can edit these – hide those I don’t want, even add my own stats, e.g. average Est. Revenue for the next 6 months. I click Combo (2)

And then Edit stats

I can uncheck the stats I don’t need (1) and click Create a Stat (2) to open a task pane in which I can create my new stat.

The unwanted stats are hidden, and my new stat has entered the top of the workspace

Now I really feel I have a workspace to make my day more efficient. A workspace that is mine.


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