Troubleshooting real-time marketing journeys

When your Dynamics 365 Marketing Real-time journey runs, the journey flow will be visualized in a Sankey diagram.

The diagram is great, it lets you see which paths contacts who entered the journey follows, and how many contacts go down each path.

But what if you face a situation in which you realize the flow isn’t proceeding as expected – e.g. doesn’t gets past a SMS tile?

To answer delivery questions like this, you can click the tile in the diagram (1), and then get insights into e.g. delivery issues (2) from the task pane that opens (the stop could be caused by missing consent for the mobile number)

But what if you need to understand more?

Behind the scenes, your journey is actually a Power Automate flow.

To open a journey in Power Automate

Open Power Automate, make sure you are in the right environment (1), and then in the sitemap click Solutions (2)

Click Default Solution to open the default solution for your environment

In the list of components in your solution (1) filter to Cloud flow (2)

Locate your journeys (in the filtered view your real-time journey’s display name starts with “CXP_“) and click it to open the journey details

In the 28-day run history section click the latest Run (1) to see the flow

In the flow click an element, e.g. GetCustomer to see the element’s input and output details

In this example I can verify that the contacts going through the journey is ‘Jesper’ (1).

You can expand the branches and dig a lot deeper if needed.

So using Power Automate you can help you understand the flow of your journeys. Enjoy!

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