Who can bypass the lobby

You can set up a Microsoft Teams Webinar directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing to create online presentations.

The default webinar settings are configured to provide the best attendee and presenter experience. However, you can easily tweak these settings from your Dynamics 365 Marketing event.

To change the default settings, set the Change meeting options switch to Yes. This reveals the settings for the webinars, which can be tweaked on a per-event basis.

Webinars can be attended by

  • authenticated users from within your organization
  • external users from trusted organizations (federated)
  • invited users
  • guests (see more)
  • anonymous users

Attendees can join from their PCs or dial-in from their phones. To provide the best joining experience for the attendees, it is important you consider the options for bypassing the lobby.

You have a handful of options for the setting Who can bypass the lobby.

The below graphics and table provides information and recommendations on which option to chose. Please note these apply to attendees who join from their PCs. You can control the experience for callers using the Always let callers bypass the lobby (see above graphics)

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