Content personalization in Dynamics 365 Marketing real-time

Personalizing emails to your contacts can make a difference. Personalization in Dynamics 365 Marketing Outbound is done with field expressions. You can have, at most, two hops (periods) in your field expressions - meaning you can traverse the data model only so far (e.g. from contact to account to account name - but not from … Continue reading Content personalization in Dynamics 365 Marketing real-time

Dynamic lists are here

Dynamics 365 Marketing's real-time marketing features offer powerful personalization capabilities. With the newly added List capability we can send our contacts personalized mails with e.g. a list of the orders they have with us. Lists (each) statements allows us to format and display repeated content for a given table. We can add the code required … Continue reading Dynamic lists are here

Troubleshooting real-time marketing journeys

When your Dynamics 365 Marketing Real-time journey runs, the journey flow will be visualized in a Sankey diagram. The diagram is great, it lets you see which paths contacts who entered the journey follows, and how many contacts go down each path. But what if you face a situation in which you realize the flow … Continue reading Troubleshooting real-time marketing journeys