Sending personalized surveys from Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 is designed to help you activate digital selling and personalize customer experiences. The building blocks are all built on one platform (Microsoft Dataverse) and powered by AI, which eliminates the need for connectors, and makes it easy to configure a connected and intelligent customer experience.

In this blog post we will look at how brilliant our survey app Customer Voice fits together with Dynamics 365 Marketing – enabling us to send a survey with personal information to a contact from Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Note: We can even have the Dynamics 365 Marketing customer journey branch according to the survey response (not covered in this post)

To send a personalized Customer Voice survey to a Dynamics 365 Marketing contact

Navigate to Customer Voice

Create a couple of variables and add them to the survey (see how: Personalize a survey by using variables). In this example the first variable is called jobtitle, and the second variable is called companyname

We will need to grab the URL of the survey response page (and later append a couple of variables)

Click Send (1), Resend (2), and then Link (3) to open the Survey Links page

In the Survey Links page we see the shortened URL of the Survey (1). Click Copy (2) to copy the shortened URL to the clipboard

Open a new tab and paste the shortened URL. The URL will resolve to the full URL of the survey. Copy the full URL from the browser address box (1)

The full URL will look something like this:

What we need to do now, is append pairs of Customer Voice survey variables and Dynamics 365 Marketing dynamic fields (values) to the above URL using a predefined syntax:{"jobtitle":"{{contact.jobtitle}}","companyname":"{{}}"}

See the below table for explanation of the components of the final URL, that lets us pipe the job title and account name of the customer into the survey

The last step is to bind the final URL to a button in a Dynamics 365 Marketing mail.

Drag a button to the mail canvas, and paste the URL into the URL textbox (1) in the Edit button pane

To test simply create a journey in Dynamics 365 Marketing (The Send Now capability won’t work if you – like in this example – have a dynamic link to linked entities)

As expected the contacts receives an email with a button that will take her to a personalized survey that includes her title and company name

The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform is a bundle of joy to work with. Enjoy!

Thank you Megan V. Walker for inspiration

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