Use AI to kickstart email creation with Content ideas in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Content ideas is a new (preview) feature in Dynamics 365 Marketing, that helps you discover new ways to express your thoughts, helping you move from email concept to completion faster.

In this blog post I’ll briefly explain how Content ideas works, and show you how you can start using it to kickstart your emails.

The Content ideas feature is like a brainstorming partner that can help inspire you while you’re writing an email.

You provide a short list of initial thoughts (key points), and content ideas generates a range of longer content suggestions that you can build on.

You can add these suggestions to your draft email, use them as inspiration to write a new draft, or go in a different direction altogether.


So in this fictitious scenario I am a proud Dane working on a campaign to bring more tourists to the capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen

I create a draft email and start thinking about how to attract visitors to Copenhagen. I notice a new feature in the top right corner of my email editor – Content ideas

Since I’m always looking for ideas for compelling copy for my emails, I decide to give this new feature a go. I click the Contents ideas button to open the Content ideas task pane

The Content ideas task pane informs me that it finds inspiration in a wide range of internet sources and in my organization’s existing emails.

I’m asked to provide a couple of key points (1) for my email, and I type in the first thing that comes to mind — “Copenhagen” (1). Please note that despite the label says “Key points” the suggestions will actually be even better if you provide short sentences. But for this example I’ll simply provide one or two words for the key points.

I then go ahead and add a couple more key points “HC Andersen” (1) and “Little Mermaid” (2) and finally click Get ideas (3)

The system starts looking for content ideas for my email

Content ideas is built on a machine learning model called GPT-3. Trained on a vast number of text samples from the internet, GPT-3 generates new text in English that looks and sounds similar to text that was written by a human. Content ideas uses GPT-3 as a foundation, then considers your organization’s recent (English) ready-to-send emails and the key messaging points that you share for each new email draft. Content ideas masks any personal data in generated ideas and shows only the results that are long enough and unique enough to be useful

I read the ideas the system finds (1) and scroll through to more ideas (2)

Having looked through all the ideas, I find ideas #1 and #3 useful – respectively a few paragraphs about the little mermaid and a larger piece on Copenhagen.

I scroll back to idea #1 and click Add to my draft (1) to add the text to my email

The editor displays “+” icons to let me place the text as I desire

Having inserted idea #1 I return to the Content ideas task pane, and scroll to idea #3

And click Add to my draft to insert the idea below the existing text

Having gotten the content ideas I need to get me started, I can proceed and embellish the email (formatting, images, personalization, and more)

So with this great new feature I will never run out of compelling copy for my emails.

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