Talk to your Segment Builder

You can now use natural language sentences to build or view segments in Dynamics 365 Marketing (public preview by Oct 1, 2020).

Use simple words to specify the attributes and logic for the segment you want to target so you can reach the exact audience you are looking for. For example, using natural language, you can create a segment of “customers who live in the US or are born in 1976”

To try it out

In this example I’ll ask Dynamics 365 Marketing to create a segment for me; a segment of contacts who live in the United States (I have 25 of those) or are born in 1976 (I have one of those)

So I enable the switch in Settings.

I then create a new segment and click Add query block (the capability supported in the initial preview)

I’ll be invited to Try natural language input..

If I click the text box (1)..

.. I’ll see suggestions to try out (2)

I type the query in natual language ‘customers in united states or with birthday in 1976‘ (1) and Dynamics 365 Marketing takes a go at building the query

I notice that the segment count is zero (4) and realizes that the engine used AND instead of OR

The feature is in preview and will learn from being used.

Obviously I was aiming for an OR (not an AND) in my natural language query, but that’s easily edited (1) – and the segment count is now 26 as expected (2)

Please take the preview for a spin your self. Enjoy

See also

  • Use natural language to create targeted segments – link

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