Understanding the elements in a Marketing environment

Dynamics 365 Marketing is composed of several components that you must be aware of to understand how the environment-management operations work when your Dynamics 365 Marketing app is installed and maintained.

These components include the following elements:

  • Dynamics 365 environment
    • The environment provides the basic platform for the Marketing app (and other apps, e.g. Sales)
    • The environment includes both a platform server and an organizational database
    • The organizational database is shared with the other apps in the environment, and the Marketing app reads and stores much of its data here
    • An environment is also referred to as an organization or an instance
    • An environment can be of type: production, sandbox, and trial
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing application
    • This is a collection of solutions that are installed on the platform server and add marketing features to Dynamics 365
    • It’s installed on the platform server to add marketing features to Dynamics 365
    • It’s also referred to as the Marketing app
  • Marketing services
    • This is a collection of services that the Marketing app interacts with
    • They run in parallel with your Dynamics 365 environment
    • Among other things, live customer journeys and marketing email messages run on marketing services
    • All images uploaded to Dynamics 365 Marketing for use in emails and marketing pages are stored and served from here
  • Marketing-insights service
    • This provides big data services such as resolving segment queries, collecting and storing interaction data, and providing analytics based on this data.
    • The marketing-insights service is just one of the marketing services already mentioned, but it’s worth calling out separately because it comes up often.

Its important to understand the distinction between the app and the service – especially in ALM scenarios.

Hope this blog post helps.

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