Dynamics 365 Marketing loves Teams

Teams event functionality is now incorporated directly into Dynamics 365 Marketing, allowing you to host Teams live events for webinars and Teams meetings for interactive online meetings.

Creating Teams event in Dynamics 365 Marketing is really easy – just select Events in the left navigation pane of the Marketing app. Then select +New in the ribbon. You will see a new banner highlighting that Teams is available as a streaming provider.

Simply Flip the Do you want to stream this event toggle to Yes, and start adding sessions, speakers and more as with any other event

In my example below I setup a webinar, with a session ‘Agile Business’ – and made my colleague Karen Borger the presenter.

Switching over to Karen’s device, we see the benefits of being on the Microsoft platform.

Being a presenter, Karen automatically received an invite to the webinar in her Outlook inbox

She sees the calendar entries for the webinar, as well as the session in her Outlook calendar.

Last but not least, she sees the calendar entries for the webinar, as well as the session in her Teams calendar as well.

Being a presenter, she can join the webinar beforehand an prepare for her session.

If Karen were the producer of the event, her Teams view would allow her to add content and more.

Setting up webinars has never been easier.

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