Easy logging of customer-related activities with Premium auto capture

Premium auto capture helps salespeople focus on generating revenue instead of spending their time updating Dynamics 365 Sales data and logging every customer-related activity. In addition to activity suggestions based on capturing emails and meetings, premium auto capture also provides suggestions for creating new contacts

Think of a scenario in which a contact we work with on several opportunities sends me an email. This email might be relevant to share with the sales team on one or more of the opportunity records, the contact record and other records.

Premium Auto Capture makes it easy for me to identify the relevant records the email can be shared to in the Activity suggestions grid

Activity suggestions grid

The grid provides a single view for all the captured activities based on my communications. This ensures the information isn’t lost on the timeline and helps me track activity suggestions in one place.

The activity list consists of emails and meetings that are fetched and captured from my Outlook data by premium auto capture.

The Activity suggestions grid consists of the following columns:

  • Activity: This column specifies the type of activity, such as email or meeting
  • Sender: This column specifies the name from whom the activity was received
  • Subject: This column specifies the subject line of the activity
  • Regarding: This column specifies the record to which the activity can be added


When I open the record for an entity, the timeline displays the activity suggestions, such as emails and meetings, that are available for the record. Based on the communication captured from my Exchange data, these suggestions will be visible only to me.

The suggestions are available for me to review and save for other users to view. I can also dismiss or edit the suggestions, to make sure I capture the right information in the right place


Finally, if I somehow missed possible activity suggestions, the Assistant helps me by displaying a card to alert me when new activity suggestions are available. I can select Open activity suggestions to open the activity suggestions grid and take appropriate action on the suggestions.

To enable the Premium Auto Capture preview capabilities you navigate to Sales Insights Settings > Global Settings > Auto Capture and toggle the Preview version enabled switch.

When you enable premium auto capture, your users will need to give their consent to allow Dynamics 365 Sales to access their Exchange data so that auto capture can provide suggestions for activities and contacts

To read more, e.g. what actions you can take on the captured activities, how to provide consent and more, please see this article on Docs: Premium auto capture


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