Focus on the next best activity with your customers

The new concept of Sequences in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights help sales managers enforce best practices by introducing a set of consecutive activities for sellers to follow during the course of their day.

A manager can connect sequences to leads and opportunities that appear in a seller’s work queue, to help sellers prioritize activities to focus on selling, be more productive, and better align to business processes.

As a sales manager, you can use the sequence designer to:

  • Create and activate a sequence
  • Connect a sequence to records
  • View details of a sequence and its connected records
  • (and more)

Create and activate a sequence

When you create a sequence, you define the activities you want your sellers to perform—and the order to perform them in—as they handle leads and opportunities. This lets sellers concentrate on selling and gives them a better understanding of what to do next (follow your sales process).

Below is shown a sequence of four activities

  1. Send an email to a prospect met at a tradeshow, including easy access to the approved email template for “Lead Reply – Trade Show Visit”
  2. Wait time (Specifies the interval between activities—that is, after an activity is completed and before the next activity occurs—during which sellers need to wait)
  3. Phone Call (connect and attempt to book meeting)
  4. Task – Book Meeting

Connect a sequence to a record

After you create and activate the sequence for the selling process, you connect the sequence to records depending on the entity that you’ve created the sequence for.

When a sequence is connected to an entity (e.g. a lead you captured at a trade show), the activities defined in the sequence will be shown in order on the record’s Summary under Up next in My work.

I hope you will enjoy this new addition to the great Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

To learn more please see

  • Enable and configure the Sales accelerator – link
  • Create and manage sequences – link


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