How to add a new Subscription Center to Dynamics 365 Marketing Content Settings

Dynamics 365 Marketing comes with an out-of-the-box subscription center, in which a contact can edit his/her email, and unsubscribe from bulk emails (required)

Most Dynamics 365 Marketing customers will want to build their own Subscription Center with more options for their contacts, eg to support subscribing to newsletters and change level of consent (see also: Double Opt-In.)

When you have built your subscription center, you will need to edit the Content Settings record in your Dynamics 365 Marketing in order to implement the new subscription center.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Grab the id of the subscription center page, and edit the content center record manually
  2. Using the Content Assist wizard

Edit the ID in the Content Centers Subscription center field

For this you will need to copy the id of your subscription center (marketing page) record:

  1. Navigate to Internet marketing > Marketing pages, and open your subscription center page (in my example below “SC 2020 Page Simple”)
  2. Navigate to the Designer tab
  3. Copy the ID found at the end of the Page URL to the clipboard (paste the id to notepad or similar). See also Find record IDs.
  1. Navigate to Marketing templates > Content Settings
  2. Click Default Content Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Subscription center field
  1. Click the Subscription center field and then do a Select All followed by a Copy (Ctrl+A > Ctrl+C) to copy the handlebar field to the clipboard
  2. Paste the entire handlebar field into eg. Notepad, edit the ID part with your ID from above (ref. the yellow highlighted box below), copy the new handlebar field and paste it back into the Subscription center field in the Content Settings record.

Edit the Subscription Center field using Content Assist

  1. Click the Content Assist button (</>) to open the Content Assist wizard
  2. Click Static content
  3. Select MarketingPage
  4. Select your subscription center page
  5. Select No relationship
  6. Select FullPageURL

Note in the Preview field at the bottom of the Content Assist wizard that the exact same field you worked with above has been built by the wizard

In this example I have shown you two ways you can edit the Subscription Center field in Content Settings so your contacts are taken to your new Subscription Center going forward.



One thought on “How to add a new Subscription Center to Dynamics 365 Marketing Content Settings

  1. Hi Jesper,

    I’ve created a new subscription center for a specific Subscription list by using the ID edit version.

    When trying to go live, however, I encounter this error: “Subscription center: The entity isn’t in the data store.”

    What would be the cause and solution to this?



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