Alert – negative feedback

When you survey customers or employees using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, you can look at the results in the built-in reports.

You can also define alerts on one or more metrics (e.g. Sentiment) to notify you when you receive certain feedback (e.g. “Negative”) so you can follow up with your customers or employees in a relevant manner.

Let me walk you through an example

I’ve defined a satisfaction metric – Sentiment – based on the text received in a response to a question (1) and can now click Alerts (2) to set up an alert

I can click Create alert rule to display the “Create alert rule” task pane

In the “Create alert rule” task pane, I give the rule a name (1), pick the Satifaction metric from the drop-down (2), and define the condition operator (3) and value (4) to end up with a rule that will alert me if I receive a survey response with a negative sentiment

The alert is created (1) and I can click View alert rules (2) to display a task pane with a list of active alert rules

To test the alert I return to my survey (1), click Send (2), and then Email (3) to open an email with a link to the survey

In the email editor I pick Karen Borger as the recipient (1)

and send the email

Karen receives the email and clicks the survey link (2)

Karen fills out the survey, and puts in a comment (1). The comment triggers a negative sentiment.

In my Customer Voice Reports area I can see the latest responses, including Karens (1)

I can also see that I received a negative sentiment (1)

Luckily I’ve also received an alert notifying me about Karens negative comment, enabling me to get back to Karen quickly, so we don’t put her loyalty and satisfaction at risk.

I can click the alert (1) to open the “Alert details” (2) task pane

In the “Alert details” task pane I see Karens comment. I call Karen up and offer her a discount on our new subscription service.

I can then go ahead and click Resolve (1) to open the “Resolve alert” task pane

In the “Resolve alert” task pane I put in a comment and clicks Resolve (2) to close the task pane

To see a list of resolved alerts I can click Resolved (2)

So with alerts I can ensure I don’t miss important survey responses and can take relevant action

See also

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