Automate the handoff between sales and marketing

Within a customer journey in Dynamics 365 Marketing, the activity tiles enable a customer journey to generate an activity record (such as a phone call, task, or appointment), associate the activity with each contact who enters the tile, and assign each activity to a Dynamics 365 user for follow-up.

Each activity tile uses an activity marketing template to define the type and details of the activities it generates.

These activities are a great way to automate the handoff between sales and marketing based on customer actions.

The automation is pretty easy

#1 Add the activity tile to your customer journey using the in-context editor

The activity could be a phone call to be added to a sellers (contact owners) activity list, after a contact he/she owns has registered for an event, received a survey, or something similar

#2 Each activity uses a template which I quickly setup beforehand

While the customer journey is running in Dynamics 365 Marketing, the sellers in Dynamics 365 Marketing automatically receives the relevant activities in their Sales app, and can engage with the contact based on the recent interactions.

This is one of the many advantages of having Marketing and Sales sit on the same platform, not having to sync contacts between the two. Automation is easy, performance, compliance and security is by design, congested connectors out of the questions.

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