First Look: The New Spam Score Prediction in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

The new spam score feature in Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you get your marketing messages past the spam filters.

It applies artificial intelligence to analyze the content of your marketing email message, and then generates a score that predicts how likely the message is to be flagged by content-based spam filters.

To enable the new Artificial Intelligence features in Dynamics 365 for Marketing (including Spam score, just go to Settings > Machine Learning / Basic Feature Configureation and flip the switches to On (3)

To test out the spam score prediction

  • compose an email (eg. include an image, some text etc – but leave out the subject for the sake of the test)
  • navigate to the Preview (1) tab
  • click the Check spam score button (2)

The predicted spam score is high – meaning the email is very likely to be caught in spam filters. Underneath the score meter you’ll find which types of issues are most likely responsible for increasing your score.

Consider this advice as to how you can improve the spam score. In this example I’m hinted I could add a subject (1) to lower the score.

Having added the subject (1) the spam score shows great improvement and the color of the meter changed from red to yellow.

With this great new feature you are now better equipped to get your marketing messages past the spam filters.

See also

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