Virtual Entities – Relationships

In my post Virtual Entities I walked through the steps of creating a Virtual Entity using the data source "" Another open data source is "" (publicly accessible), which lets us leverage a 1:n relationship that exists between (course-) subjects and courses in that provider to create and relate two virtual entities. So if I … Continue reading Virtual Entities – Relationships

Virtual Entities Demo Solution

In a previous blog post Virtual Entities I listed the steps to create a Virtual Entity. Demo Solution To test a virtual entity you can Create a Dynamics 365 free trial Download and import the demo solution used in the above mentioned blog post Please go here to get the link to the trial page … Continue reading Virtual Entities Demo Solution

Virtual Entities

Interact with data from external systems using the new virtual entities Starting with the July 2017 Update for Dynamics 365 (online), virtual entities enable the integration of data residing in external systems by seamlessly representing that data as entities in Dynamics 365, without replication of data and often without custom coding. Virtual entities replace previous … Continue reading Virtual Entities