Introduction to Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Over the years its been a common push back from sellers, that they found it hard to see why they should bother key in a bunch of data to the CRM app, and really ‘get nothing back’. They saw it as monitoring tool more than anything else.

With the giant strides AI has taken, things have changed. The more data you add to the system, the more proactive help you will get to close your deals, increase the relationship health, and be successful.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights helps your sellers focus on the deals that matter most, and guide your sellers to success, with our full suite of intelligent capabilities

The many capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights can be divided into four categories

Guided SellingProductivity intelligenceConnection insightsPredictive models
Guide sellers on their next course of action with timely and actionable insights

Supercharge sales using an intelligent work list
Free up sellers’ time by minimizing manual data entry with contextual, real-time suggestions for updating existing records and creating new records, making sure your data is always up to dateBuild stronger relationships with customers and move relationships forward with AI-guided selling.

Take preemptive steps to mitigate risks with a relationship health score
Increase conversion and win rates by using AI to prioritize leads and opportunities with the highest likelihood to convert and buy

Remove guesswork and
forecast sales more accurately and without bias

In this blog post I will describe the capabilities under each category briefly, and link to detailed documentation for you to explore further

Guided Selling

Assistant Studio

Insight cards help keep you up to date with your work in Dynamics 365 Sales, letting you know when you need to follow-up on an email, attend a meeting, and much more. They’re displayed throughout the application to provide relevant information for the context you’re working in.

With Assistant Studio you can use Power Automate to create custom insight cards, tailored to the specific needs of your team, e.g., a contact just registered for a webinar, or something else, allowing you to act in the moment that matters

See Edit insight cards for more

Sales Accelerator

A single super charged workspace that has everything you need to engage the right customer, stay focused, maximize productivity

Route leads to a sellers work list, based on the sellers attributes (e.g. Industry knowledge) and surface best practices for selling to leads, e.g. industry specific, with Sequences, allowing sellers to focus on selling instead of process and house keeping

See What is the Sales accelerator? for more

Conversation intelligence

Get in-the-moment insights about customer emotion, competitive market, sentiment, and priorities in phone calls to enable guided selling.

Conversation intelligence assists the sales managers in your organization to get an overview of the call center and drill down to get call statistics for individual sellers.

This helps the sales managers change the shape of the business by giving smarter coaching and enhancing sales to generate revenue

See Improve seller coaching and sales potential with conversation intelligence for more

Productivity intelligence

Notes Analysis

Suggestions for actions based on customer-related activities. When you create an activity, such as appointment, email, phone call, task, note, post, or custom activities, the notes analysis feature analyzes the descriptions provided in these activities and gives you intelligent suggestions.

With these suggestions, you can take actions, such as creating a meeting request and adding a contact.

See How notes analysis assists you with suggestion for more

Premium Auto Capture

Auto capture helps salespeople by simplifying the logging of customer-related activities into Dynamics 365 Sales. Auto capture provides activity suggestions for emails and meetings related to your work based on data captured from your Outlook account. This helps you see relevant emails and meetings on your timeline, together with all the other activities related to a given record

In addition to activity suggestions based on capturing emails and meetings, premium auto capture also provides suggestions for creating new contacts

See Capture customer-related activities with auto capture for more

Connection Insights

Relationship analytics

The relationship pipeline view provides a bubble chart that gives you a quick overview of the health, close date, and estimated revenue for your upcoming opportunities

Use relationship analytics to view customer activity history of contact, opportunity, lead, or account in a graphical display through KPIs and activity histories

See Use relationship analytics to gather KPIs for more

Talking Points

As a sales representative, you interact with many customers and it can be difficult to remember details about each

Talking points provides a mechanism to automatically identify such conversation starters from your emails. The conservation starters include topics that are related to sports, vacation, family, and entertainment.

This helps you remember conversation starters for your customers and be more personal

See Know conversation starters for your customers for more

Who Knows Whom

As a sales representative, you will interact with leads who you have never met or talked. So, it can be difficult to turn these interactions into positive outcomes.

Who Knows Whom provides you with details such as names and email addresses of your colleagues who know the lead. With these details, you can contact your colleagues for help with getting introduced to a lead.

Such introduction can increase the chances of a positive outcome during the interaction

See What is who knows whom? for more

Predictive Models

Predictive Opportunity Scoring

In a highly competitive market, it is important for you to spend time on quality opportunities to reach your sales targets. You must identify and prioritize opportunities to convert them into wins.

The predictive opportunity scoring of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights provides a scoring model to generate scores for opportunities in your pipeline. The out-of-the-box model chooses top factors that influence the score

The score helps salespeople prioritize opportunities, achieve higher opportunity qualification rates, and reduce the time that it takes to qualify an opportunity

(same principles for apply predictive lead scoring)

See Prioritize opportunities through scores for more

Predictive Forecasting

Remove guesswork, and forecast sales more accurately and without bias

Provides an AI-powered forecast that helps sellers and managers understand how much revenue their sales team can achieve. These predictions are calculated based on historical data and the current sales pipeline, and are available at each level of the hierarchy. A detailed breakdown is also provided.

See About premium forecasting for more

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. Maybe you would put the capabilities into different categories. That’s ok. What’s important is that we are giving sellers back, helping them to be successful.

Please allow me to finish with this attempt to organize the capabilities after what you are trying to achieve

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