From Inside Our Cloud

Want to know how we secure your data and privacy? Please take a look inside our cloud via these four short videos (links below)

Is your Data Safe at Rest?
When your data is in the Microsoft data centers or within Office 365 services can you trust that it is safe at rest?
Lead Office 365 engineer Vivek Sharma offers a simple walk through of the possible attack vectors and their mitigations at the physical, logical and user layers of Microsoft's defense in depth approach. 3-4 minutes in length.

Who has access to your data in the Office 365 Service?
When your data is in Office 365, who has access to your data? Director of Program Management, Vivek Sharma and Corporate Vice President of Development, Perry Clarke explain the operating principles and no standing access approach to limit access to customer data. Watch as they walk through the Just-In-Time access process called 'Lockbox'.

Why Trust Office 365?
When your data is flowing within our data centers and Office 365 services you expect to retain visibility and control. It's your data which means the freedom to move it, delete it, search it, and archive it. It's also a question of your security, privacy and compliance requirements being met as well as transparency over the health of the services supporting your business. Earning your trust is the focus of our engineering leadership. Hear from Rajesh Jha, Corporate Vice President of Engineering and General Manager of Office 365, Julia White.

How does Office 365 continuously meet your compliance needs?
Shawn Veney, Principal Architect in Office 365 Program Management shares an overview of the Office 365 Compliance Framework that allows for continuous compliance to changing regulatory needs and company compliance requirements. Watch as he shares the broader engineering vision and also unveils the controls available to you to protect company information and perform organizational searches.

Learn more about this topic in our trust centers


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