How to set the base language in a CRM Online Trial

The trial creation experience around CRM Online has changed. In the previous UI you could pick your Country (ie. your location, determining what datacenter your trial will be created in) and your base language. The  base language is a language used when installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your company that determines which language you use for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by default. It determines default settings for regional and language options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. After the base language is set, it cannot be changed


In the new trial UI you can not pick your base language

The base language is now taken over from the first language used by Internet Explorer (which you set up in Windows).

This raises a potential issue. If a customer creates a CRM Online trial organisation, activates it into a paid subscription and then realize that he has the wrong base language (picked by his IE settings) it can’t be changed. The customer has to quit the tenant and looses the subdomain name which he selected in the first place.

So what to do if you want to ensure that your trial has the right base language from the start? 

  1. In the below URL replace the [COUNTRY] and [CULTURE] placeholders with the appropriate letters (eg. GB and en-gb). The [CULTURE] placeholder will set the base language.
  2. Copy the URL from above to the Clipboard
  3. Start an InPrivate instance of Internet Explorer (Open IE and press Ctrl-Shift-P)
  4. Paste the URL into the Address field and sign up for your trial


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