Follow up with Teams webinar participants in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Many customer meetings are conducted as webinars in Microsoft Teams. To close the loop and keep communication active after your Teams webinar concludes, it’s important to follow up with the attendees (or those who didn’t attend after all).

This is now easier than ever with the new integration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing – the out-of-the-box one click Follow up with participants capability

To demonstrate how easy this is I’ve set up and conducted a webinar in Teams:

  • Molly registered but didn’t attend (1)
  • Julian registered and attended (2)
  • Two others attended (but didn’t register)

I notice a new offering for me in the upper right corner – Follow up with participants (3)

When I click the Follow up with participants link the system ask me in which organization I want the follow up to take place (If you are not a Marketing customer, a window opens that allows you sign up for a free Dynamics 365 Marketing trial)

After I select the organization, attendee engagement data is transferred seamlessly into Dynamics 365 Marketing and the system automatically creates the needed

  • Contacts
  • Segments
  • Mails
  • Marketing Journey

After the setup is completed, I’m automatically presented with

  • Three live segments with corresponding (draft) emails
    • Didn’t attend (1)
    • Attended (2)
    • Cancelled (3)
  • A marketing journey in draft mode

Having edited the template provided emails, and gone live with the emails and journey, I can verify that the ‘Attend’ mail is delivered (to Julian) and the didn’t attend is delivered (to Molly)

So with this great integration between your Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can now easily follow up with the attendees of your webinars to create business and loyalty.

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