First look: Real-time marketing

I have been waiting to get my hands on the upcoming real-time capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing, and I wanted to share my initial testing with you.

For simplicity, I am testing the scenario in which a contact logs into a portal and visits a page. Lets pretend its a new page on the portal, and I want to send visitors a survey if they visit the page

I design an email using graphics suggested by my asset library, and leverage various sources for my dynamic data – profile data, event trigger attribute (name of the page visited), and more. Being able to tap into multiple sources lets me personalize my emails even further with very little effort.

I set up a journey triggered by a Webpage Visited trigger, branching to only send contacts who visited the Category page the survey email.

Contacts who visits the page are sent a nice looking email with all the dynamics data inserted nicely.

The new Real-time features will be in public preview soon. They will open a ton of exciting scenarios.


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