Author dynamic content with ease through a new point-and-click interface

Sending personalized content to customers is a great way to increase engagement. In the upcoming April Public Preview of Dynamics 365 Marketing, we are extending the personalization capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Advanced dynamic content is key to delivering highly personalized messages to customers. But the complexity of setting up dynamic content can decrease productivity. In the current edition of Dynamics 365 Marketing, if you need to display personalized images in emails, you will need to build dynamic expressions ‘by hand’, which is a manual, potentially error-prone, multi-step exercise.

With the upcoming April public preview release, you can easily create advanced dynamic content such as showing a block of content based on a condition (1) and iterating through a dynamic list of data all from an easy-to-use UI editor that removes the need to write custom code into the HTML.

You can even use any data source (2) that you can connect into Microsoft Dataverse as data for personalization, including lists of data – extending personalization capabilities beyond information captured in the contact record.

In the above example the email will display image(s) according to the gender of the recipient, and the gender data comes from a customer profile in Customer Insights (2). The dynamic expression (1) is easily built using a point an click interface eliminating the need to write the dynamic expression by hand.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the upcoming Public Preview of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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