How to ensure your marketing emails hits the right inbox

A common scenario for e.g. universities is that the contacts they have in their marketing database can have more than one role. A contact can be a student, alumni, potential sponsor, or similar.

The university leverages Dynamics 365 Marketing for several types of communication with their contacts, and wants to send relevant messages to the right inbox of the contact – e.g. alumni newsletters to one inbox (perhaps the contacts personal email address), and sponsorship requests to another (the contacts business email)

By default Dynamics 365 Marketing always sends an email to a contacts emailaddress1. But you can solve the above scenario by adding a dynamic expression that chooses the best of several available email fields in an emails To address field

The dynamic expression could look like the below. If entered in the To address field, the expression will ensure that the marketing email will reach the contacts emailaddress2 if that field isn’t empty – and if it’s empty, then the email will be sent to the contacts emailaddress1

If the example here – where the contact Karen Borger do have an emailaddress2 – the email is sent to that inbox

So with Dynamics 365 Marketing you can ensure emails goes to the best email address.

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