Turn Teams event attendees into loyal customers with Dynamics 365 Marketing

This week at Microsoft Ignite, we are announcing a breadth of more connected and engaging experiences between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, including exciting new strides into the already tight integration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing to help you better engage with customers for more personalized experiences

Turn Teams event attendees into loyal customers with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Virtual meetings and webinars are now a preferred way to connect and engage with audiences. With Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, planning online events and nurturing your attendees is fast and easy.

You can set up, promote, and report on events hosted on Teams from within Dynamics 365 Marketing. Read a full blog post on how here

Obviously, you can also setup webinars directly from Teams

After the webinar ends, we can navigate to the Attendee Report for rich insights. But that’s not where we want this to end. We want to engage those participants

What we added to the already tight integration this time, is the ability to navigate to the Attendee Engagement Report in Teams and click Follow up with participants.

This will take you to your Dynamics 365 Marketing

In Dynamics 365 Marketing we’ve exported your webinar audiences as segments. Ready to use as segments in ready-to-use Customer Journeys. Maybe you will want to engage those who registered with an email, those who attended with a social post, those who cancelled with a survey. Endless possibilities to engage in a relevant manner. Right there at your finger tips.

You have the full power of Dynamics 365 Marketing to create a customized journey to nurture the contacts based on interactions in your journey

The new and improved email designer will help you craft powerful and personalized messages for each contact in your audiences in this journey

It’s now easier than ever to engage your Teams webinar audiences post webinar, for even deeper engagement with your customers and prospects.

The Microsoft platform at its best to help you be your best.

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  • This week at Ignite we also announced that commercial Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 customers will soon get six months of Dynamics 365 Marketing at no additional cost. We’ll have more details on this offer to share soon, along with eligibility details, and we are excited to see you reap the benefits of these solutions together.

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