Next level with Dynamics 365 Marketing

At Microsoft Ignite this week we shared exiting news about Dynamics 365 Marketing. Among the many announcements is the upcoming ability to move from segment-based marketing to real-time interactions, from segment-based marketing campaigns to moments-based interactions, creating a personalized, holistic customer journey for each individual.

We will enable you to target a segment of one. With hyper personalized messages, on the right channels. All orchestrated by AI.

We are announcing real-time customer journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing, which will be released for preview as part of the April 2021 release wave 1 updates in EMEA and North America.

This landmark innovation brings together the worlds of customer experience and marketing automation and is designed to help businesses:

  • Engage customers in real-time
  • Win customers and earn loyalty faster
  • Personalize customer experiences with AI
  • Build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform

In an attempt to exemplify how great this is, consider this. A journey with the sole intend to sell a customer the right product at the right time, initiated by the customer.

Example – a segment of one, targeted at the moment that matters

In this example we are Contoso Coffee. We have a nice app, that our customers downloaded to their phone. Customers can submit orders, and we can leverage this app as a channel to push promotions using Dynamics 365 Marketing.

In this example our customer Karen has submitted a Click-n-Collect order for our new Contoso Coffee Grinder in the app. We will attempt to sell her our new Contoso Beans line when she enters our store.

We set up a personalized journey in Dynamics 365 Marketing

The journey starts the moment Dynamics 365 Marketing receives ‘the’ signal. Signals can come from many sources. In this example we at Contoso Coffee have registered our app in Dynamics 365 Marketing in order to target our customers (app users) with hyper personalized messages at the right moment – the moment that matters.

The customer journey could look like this:

  1. The customer has submitted a click-n-collect order for a Coffee Grinder via her Contoso Coffee app on her phone.
  2. The journey checks whether the item is in stock and
  3. Sends her a confirmation
  4. Dynamics 365 Marketing then, in say the next two weeks, silently waits for the next signal – the customer enters the store (signal could come from the wifi, geofencing etc)
  5. When the customer enters the store, the journey checks if she is a member of the loyalty program
  6. If so, Dynamics 365 Marketing – with the help of AI – sends her a personalized offer for coffee beans, with personalized graphics selected from the shared asset library across Dynamics 365 on the right channel (email, sms or push notification in the app) – all decided by AI.

She is thrilled to have received an attractive offer for beans to go with her new grinder and makes the purchase.

The success is recorded in the journey towards the goals defined, and the system learns from the steps taken to help you optimize future journeys.

How about that!!

If you would like to see the new Dynamics 365 Marketing in action, I encourage you to see how Unicef leverages Dynamics 365 Marketing Customer Journey Orchestration here

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