New Settings area in Dynamics 365 Marketing

With the latest update to the Dynamics 365 Marketing app (version 1.35.10069.1065) you’ll get a redesigned Settings area.

If you (like me) spent quite a while in the ‘old’ Settings area, you’ll will need to get your bearings in the new Settings area. Entries have shifted into new positions, changed names, been collapsed into one, some have even disappeared.

Below you’ll find my initial mappings.

Left side shows the ‘old’ Settings area, right side the new. You will notice that some of the old entries are gone, and you will have to head for the Power Platform admin center, and the Power Apps Designer to accomplish some of the things what you could previously do in the Dynamics 365 Marketing Settings area (eg. edit Views)

Also notice the new “Versions” entry – this is where you update the app going forward.

You can get the picture here

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