Automate webinar check-in in Dynamics 365 Marketing

The Dynamics 365 Marketing – Teams integration is very popular. Our customers love the fact they can organize webinars from Dynamics 365 Marketing, and leverage Teams as the streaming provider (1).

The recommended approach is to have attendees register for the event (customer journey invitation email and registration form) and subsequently (in the same customer journey) send a second email with the attendee URL (2) to the registrants. .

Some customers are looking for a more general, automated approach to registrations and confirmation- (incl. check-in) mails, as opposed to having to create a customer journey for each webinar. Simply capture registrations and respond with the check-in (attendee) URL.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at how we can leverage Power Automate to capture registrations and send confirmation/check-in mails.

We will build a flow that sends an email with the check-in link (the attendee URL) to registrants

To distinguish between registrations for on-site events and webinars we can check the value of the field Streamed event. It will be set to true, if you flip the switch of the “Do you want to stream this event” to ON on the event form (see the top of this post)

The raw Flow could look like this

  1. Trigger when new event registration received
  2. Get the registrant (contact) who registered
  3. Get the event
  4. Branch if its a streamed event (webinar)
  5. If true – send email to registrant with attendee URL (if false – not important here)
  1. The flow is triggered if a new Event Registration is created

2. First action is to Get Record (the registrant) from the New Event Registration trigger body

3. Second action is to Get Record (the event) from the New Event Registration trigger body

4. To ensure the Flow reacts to webinar registrations only we introduce a condition that looks at the value of the field Streamed event of the Get Event body

5. If the condition is true, we will send an email to the registrant, with selected information – formatted event start date

… and the Attendee URL from the Get Event action

If the condition is false (its not a webinar) then this flow just composes an output holding the event and contact name

So we’ve seen how we can easily leverage Power Automate to extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 Marketing to fit our specific needs.

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