Understanding Teams Live Events in Dynamics 365 Marketing

As a marketer you may want to engage your audience via webinars. You are looking at the Live Events capabilities of Microsoft Teams, and the event capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

With Dynamics 365 Marketing you can

  • set up an event (webinar)
  • invite participants
  • facilitate registrations
  • keep track of registrants
  • send registrants a check-in link (to webinar)

and after the webinar has been completed in Teams

  • keep track of check-ins
  • send recording link to participants
  • (and more)

The above can be observed through the lens of at least three roles – event owner, webinar producer, and webinar attendee. And at least four phases – pre-webinar, minutes before webinar, during webinar, and post-webinar.

The below table shows roles and steps per phase.

  • The left purple column shows what the event planner (owner) must/can do before and after the webinar (in Dynamics 365 Marketing)
  • The middle dark blue column shows what the producer (event team member) must do before and during the webinar (in Teams)
  • The right light blue column shows what the attendee experience looks like (mail and Teams)

Owner experience

Owner – Jesper

In order to facilitate registrations for the webinar, Jesper can create an event and configure the event to be a Teams Live Event, using the below settings

  • Do you want to stream this event = on
  • Streaming Provider = Teams Live Events
  • Recording available to attendees = on

Note the Attendee URL. If webinar is recorded, he can send this URL post-event to participants – the URL will open the recording.

He can add a user to the Event teams members list. This user will be the Producer of the webinar

In order to facilitate invitations and subsequent check-ins, he creates two emails – one for contacts to register for the event, and one for contacts to check-in to the webinar right before the event. For the latter he drags the “Teams check-in” element from the toolbox on to the email

He then points the Check-in button to the webinar

Finally he creates a customer journey to distribute the invitations for the event, and send the check-on link to registrants.

Post-event Jesper can access the Registration and attendance tab of the event to see who checked-in to the webinar. He could go on and create a segment of those contacts (there is even a segment template for that) and send them the recording link (the Attendee URL)

Producer experience

Producer – Karen

Karen was added to the event as an event team member by the owner of the event. As such, when joining the meeting in Teams, Karen is presented with the Producer screen, in which she can prepare the webinar content and presenters. When ready she can click ‘Send Live’ to preview the broadcast

When all is good and ready, she can click Start to start the meeting

During the webinar Karen can respond to questions from the audience, make announcements, and orchestrate speakers

Attendee experience

Attendee – Julian

Julian receives an invitation mail with a registration link. He clicks the registration link in the email, is taken to the registration page, clicks the Register now button and registers.

The registration will trigger another mail to Julian, with the actual link to the webinar (the check-in link)

At the time of the webinar he opens the check-in link mail he received and accesses the webinar.

While attending the webinar he can participate in the Q&A.


You can use Microsoft Teams as an online meetings provider for Dynamics 365 Marketing events. Teams event functionality is now incorporated directly into Marketing, allowing you to host Teams live events for webinars and Teams meetings for interactive online meetings

See also:

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3 thoughts on “Understanding Teams Live Events in Dynamics 365 Marketing

  1. Hello, thank you for this detailed guide.
    I’m having trouble in downloading the Live Event’s recording file. Where is it accessible/located? Thank you very much.


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