How to set up a webinar in Dynamics 365 Marketing

A webinar is a live event that people can watch simultaneously online. You can set up any event in Dynamics 365 Marketing to function as a webinar.

Before you can set up a webinar in Dynamics 365 Marketing, the following must be in place:

  • You must have an account with a webinar provider (e.g. ON24)
  • You must configure a Webinar Configuration (2) record in Dynamics 365 Marketing with the Client ID, Access token Key, and Access token Secret you obtain from your webinar providers API dashboard
  • A webinar provider record you will point to when configuring the Webinar Configuration record. Dynamics 365 Marketing comes preconfigured with a Webinar Provider record for ON24 (1)

To configure an event as a webinar

Sign in to Dynamics 365 Marketing, and create a new event.

On the General tab of the event, find the Format field (1) and set it to Webinar

When you set the Format field to Webinar, the General tab of the event will now include a Webinar Set-up section (2).

In the Webinar Set-up section set the following fields:

  • Webinar Configuration: Identify the webinar-configuration record you will use for this event. This configuration record establishes the webinar provider and account that you’ll use to run the webinar. Select the magnifying glass icon for this field, and then select a configuration. Your admin must create a configuration entry for each webinar provider that your organization uses; typically, you’ll just have one. Talk to your admin if you’re not sure which to choose (if you are the admin, see Event management settings for more information).
  • Webinar Type: Choose the webinar type. This setting can affect the collection of features available to presenters and attendees of the webinar. The available options are established by your webinar provider.
  • Language: Choose the language the webinar will be presented in.
  • Producer: Choose the event team member that is responsible for managing the webinar during the event here.

Save the event.

As soon as you’ve saved an event with a valid webinar configuration, Dynamics 365 Marketing will create the webinar in your webinar provider’s system, which will return the following values:

  • Webinar URL: A link to the webinar at the webinar provider. Dynamics 365 Marketing uses this link to synchronize registrations and metrics between the two systems.
  • Presentation Manager URL: A link that the presenter can use to control his or her presentation.

Configure webcast

To configure the webinar navigate to your webinar providers webcast platform. In this example the webinar provider is ON24

In your webinar providers webcast platform click the webcast you just created in Dynamics 365 Marketing to set up the registration form, webinar console and more.

On the Overview page you can edit or set additional metadata for the event.

On the Registration page you can design your registration form layout (add a banner, fields, layout and more)

You can preview the registration page and lobby area.

On the Console Builder page you can design your webinar console without the need for any web design experience or HTML skills.


Once your audience starts registering for your webcast you can click the More menu (1) for the webcast, and then Reports (2) to see who registered

Obviously the registrants can also be seen on the Registration and Attendance tab on your Dynamics 365 Marketing Event form.

In Dynamics 365 Marketing you can easily create segments off of the registrants, take the registrants through a customer journey, and more.

Enjoy your webinar capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing

See also

  • Event Management Settings – link


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