Security Roles in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing adds several security roles to your Dynamics 365 organisation, that enable you to control users’ access to marketing data through a system of access levels and privileges. The combination of access levels and privileges that are included in a specific security role sets limits on each user’s view of data and on what actions the user can perform with that data.

You can assign more than one security role to a user. The effect of multiple security roles is cumulative, which means that the user has the permissions associated with all security roles assigned to the user.

Two of the most commonly used security roles in Dynamics 365 Marketing are the “Marketing Manager – Business” and “Marketing Professional – Business”.

  • “Marketing Professional – Business” is intened for most standard marketers who require access to Dynamics 365 Marketing core features, but don’t need to configure the system
  • “Marketing Manager – Business” is intended for Marketing managers (who also administer the system)

However, if you want users with these security roles to work with events too, you’ll need to consider assigning either the “Event Administrator” or the “Event Planner” security roles to the users too.

In the below table you can see a high level comparison of the priveleges in these four security roles (yellow = business unit, green = organisation)

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One thought on “Security Roles in Dynamics 365 Marketing

  1. is there a difference between “Marketing Manager” and “Marketing Manager – Business”? and between “Marketing Professional” and “Marketing Professional – Business”?


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