Create contacts in Dynamics 365 from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This new feature provides the ability to create a contact record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 from a LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LISN) Lead Page or Lead List.

Individual users are required to authenticate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to create contacts. Users must associate a Contact record to an Account record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and may optionally associate to an Opportunity record and related stakeholder role.

To save a contact in Dynamics 365 from LISN

Switch on CRM Sync and the Allow contact creation from Sales Navigator feature in LISN Admin

Navigate to a contact in LISN and save it to one of your lists.

Click Add to CRM (2) to save the contact to Dynamics 365

LISN checks to see if the contact exists already in Dynamics 365

In this example LISN didn’t find a contact and account in Dynamics 365S for the contact.

The fields for First Name, Last Name, Country, and Job Title are pre-populated in the dialog. Before we can save the contact we must associate the contact to an account in Dynamics 365.

Type the name for an account (1) and click Search (2)

LISN found an existing account in Dynamics 365. Click the account to select it.

If Email and/or Phone have already been entered directly into CRM or Sales Navigator, they will be pre-populated.

In this example the email address is not pre-populated. Hence we must add the email address for the contact (1) and then we can click Save (2)

The contact record is being created in Dynamics 365

The contact in LISN will now display a CRM label (1) to indicate that this contact is saved in Dynamics 365

Click Message (1) and then View in CRM (2) to navigate to the contact in Dynamics 365

In Dynamics 365 we can verify the contact fields are filled correctly

On the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tab all the LISN widgets are filled too.


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3 thoughts on “Create contacts in Dynamics 365 from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  1. Hi Jesper, It appears that they want us to sync up our client database into the cloud in order to get the reverse sync capability. Is that true?


  2. Hi,

    Nice Blog.
    I have a small query- Does it allow for Contact updates from Navigator to D365 or only create from Navigator to D365.

    I noticed in the blog that it searches Contact matches in CRM, so does it allow to update an existing CRM Contact.
    Awaiting your response.

    Thank you.


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