New in Dynamics 365 Marketing: Build powerful date segments

Maybe you will want to launch a campaign targeted at children who are born on christmas evening (December 24th).

Defining a dynamic segment to filter out such contacts is now easier than ever in Dynamics 365 Marketing

When you select a date attribute, e.g. Birthday (1), you will be presented with a query selector (2) that lets you chose between Absolute date, Relative date, and Partial date (3)

Partial date

The partial date option enables you to filter on any day/month/year making it easy to specify that you are looking for those born on December 24th.

Relative date

Let’s for the sake of this example interpret ‘children’ as persons with the age of 12 or less.

The relative date option is very powerful, and makes it easy filter out those contacts using the ‘Ago’ (5) operator.

Click the date field (1) to display the relative date dialog. In the relative date dialog select years(s) (4) and ago (5)


Combining the above subsegments enables us to define the desired segment – children who are born on christmas evening.

Please note the visual helper the relative date offers (2) – helping me to understand I should select the operator ‘is greater than or equal to’ (1) in order to find contacts with a birthday between now and 12 years back.

Improved segment management saves you time by simplifying segment creation and editing. Enjoy the new and improved date operations for anniversaries and relative dates in Dynamics 365 Marketing segments.

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