Double Opt-In in Dynamics 365 Marketing

To fully comply with the GDPR (and other common regulations), you must set up double opt-in in your Dynamics 365 Marketing.
Double opt-in uses email messaging to ensure that all requests to change a contact’s consent level or add a subscription were made on purpose by a person who can read that contact’s email.

The Double Opt-In (DOI) process asks contacts who

To set up DOI you will need to the below components – please find detailed documentation here “Set up double opt-in for new subscriptions and consent changes” – link

One of the components you will need is a subscription page (basically a marketing page with a marketing form of the subscription type). The form should include relevant form fields, including a Consent Given field (a field you will need to create yourself – link)

Below is shown a subscription center I built for my Dynamics 365 Marketing org. It includes

  • First and last name fields
  • E-mail field
  • Description of consent levels
  • Consent Given field (when a contact increases his/her level of consent, he/she will receive a confirmation request mail)
  • Subscription List (when a contact decides to subscribe to a marketing list, he/she will receive a confirmation request mail)
  • Do Not Email (required field)

Using this subscription center a contact can edit the level of consent given, and/or subscribe to subscription lists.

As seen above you will need two confirmation request emails. You can leverage out-of-the-box mail templates, and edit them if you see fit.

Below to the left is seen an edited version of the subscription confirmation request mail, and to the right a slightly edited version of the consent confirmation request mail.

The templates includes handlebar codes that resolves to the contacts choices when sent to the contacts mailbox

Test DOI

Having set up all the required components I can test the DOI process. I will send an email to a contact Alfred Pennyworth

At the bottom of the mail Alfred can click the link (1) to access the required subscription center

Alfred is taken to the subscription center with prefilled fields

He has given the (1) Consent level, and currently isn’t subscribing to any of my newsletters (both newsletter checkboxes are unchecked)

He decides he will increase his level of content to (3) Subscription and subscribe to the Quarterly Newsletter

As per the DOI process, Alfred now receives two emails – two confirmation request emails (subscription and consent increase)

Alfred clicks the subscription confirmation request email (1), and notices that he is asked to confirm his subescription to the Quarterly Newsletter (2), as well as sees a description of the newsletter subscription (3)

He clicks the I Confirm button

And is taken to the Subscription Thank You page

Alfred returns to his inbox, and clicks the Consent Confirmation Request mail – noticing that he is aked to confirm the level (3) Subscriptions

He also notices a description of the level of consent – and then clicks the I Confirm button

Alfred is then taken to the Consent Thank You page

If I navigate to Alfreds contact record I can verify the changes has now been applied, since Alfred confirmed both changes.

I can even add the related record GDPR consent change records and to see the change history if needed

Enjoy DOI in Dynamics 365 Marketing


2 thoughts on “Double Opt-In in Dynamics 365 Marketing

  1. How can we use Translations in Confirmation Marketing Emails?
    We can use only one DefaultMarketingSettings record where we can maintane the DOI


  2. Hi,
    If we have landing page for newsletter subscriptions, do we really need two confirmation emails? Can the consent be given just by confirming subscription?


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