How to configure the Members list view on Segments

When you build the definition of a segment in Dynamics 365 Marketing and Go Live, you will be presented with a list of contacts fullfilling the criteras of your segment definition on the Members tab of the Segment.

Out of the box, the list of members includes four columns: “Full Name”, “Email”, “Company Phone”, and “Company Name”.

But what if your segment criterias involves city, country, birthday, preferred method of contact or similar? When you are presented with the list of members, wouldnt it be nice to see those columns then – to verify your segment works as expected?

Little known fact – the Members view you see is ‘hidden’ on the Contact entity, and called “Segment Members”.

To change the columns you see, all you have to do is edit this view. Below its shown how its done in the ‘new’ Power Apps UI.

Edit the Marketing App

Navigate to the Contact entitys views and edit the “Segment members” view

Click Column Attributes to display available columns

Add the desired columns and Remove the unwanted columns

To test create a segment, say one that looks for contacts in USA or Denmark, born after January 1st 2000, and prefer to be contacted via email

After you’ve gone live with the segment, click the Members tab, and verify the view is displaying the columns you want (and the correct members)

Enjoy Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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