Design compelling emails and send them quickly from Dynamics 365

Often times I’ve been asked what to do if you want to design a compelling email and send from Dynamics 365. The email editor in the Sales app is surely an option, but perhaps falls short on design options.

The answer is – use the new Send Now capability in the Dynamics 365 Marketing app together will all the design, layout and personalization options of the email editor in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

With the new Send Now capability you can design an email as usual and then just select Send Now to choose your recipients and deliver the message. Very neat.

What happens in the background is that Dynamics 365 Marketing creates a

  • static segment to contain your recipients
  • customer journey preconfigured to send your message to your segment right away

This is handy since the all the relevant results and insights into the generated customer journey is readily availabe as usual. You can easily analyze and gain insights from a bunch of KPIs to understand what works the best in terms of marketing efforts and designs

So now its easier than ever to design compelling emails and send them from Dynamics 365. Enjoy!

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