Early access to 2019 release wave 2 capabilities is now available

We have now enabled early access to new capabilities included in the Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2, October update including end-user impacting features that will be enabled by default.

Early access allows customers and partners to try and validate these new features in a non-production environment.

To prepare for these changes with confidence, were making additional readiness assets available to application administrators.

These include release overview guides and videos outlining the important new capabilities that are delivered as part of the 2019 release wave 2.

One of the new capabilities is contextual email communication that helps you see all relevant content at a glance, while composing emails, and to author more relevant and meaningful communications.

Fig.: 1 – Contextual Email Communication (preview)

Another new capability is the new Qualify Lead experience, allowing you to choose which entities you want created as part of the lead qualification process.

Fig.: 2 – New Qualify Lead Experience (preview)

You will also enjoy the changes we made to the unified interface – form header (density), the timeline (hover over commands, filter) and more.

Fig.: 3 – Form Header Density and Timeline improvements (preview)

Read the full blog post here, to learn about all the new capabilities we planned for Fall 2019.

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  • Always show important information on the form header in the Unified Interface – link
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One thought on “Early access to 2019 release wave 2 capabilities is now available

  1. Will the popup move at some point? MS states its a non-blocking popup window, however it is a blocking popup window as it does not move at all in the browser window.


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