Session Registrations in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with a sample website for Events, hosted on the Dynamics 365 Portal.

Out of the box, this website allows visitors to register for an event, but not register for the individual sessions of the event.

However, now you can enable registering for sessions too in a two step process.

Step one involves overwriting the sample website by downloading a customization file and import the file to the Dynamics 365 for Marketing organisation using the CRM Configuration Migration tool – see the steps (how-to) in link below

Step #1 Manually overwriting sample website – link

Fig.: Import Configuration

When you’ve completed the above required update of the website, you can navigate to one of your events in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, and set the Allow registrants to create their own agenda field to Yes. This will enable the visitors to the event website to register for sessions. See more in link below.

Step #2 Set up session-level registration and waitlisting – link

Fig.: Set Allow registrants to create their own agenda to Yes

Updated Website

The updated website looks a little different from the previous website – it now includes a session card (1) in the top right corner and a registration button next the each session (2)

Fig.: Updated Event Website, including Session Cart

You can easily switch to one of the many supported display languages using the language picker, eg Danish (2)

Fig.: Switch Language

The website immediately displays in the selected language

Fig.: Website in Danish

You can register for one or more sessions using the Add Session buttons

Fig.: Register for Session

After adding a session, the session cart (1) badge (counter) is incremented. Click the session cart to display the session cart pane.

Fig.: Session Cart Badge Updated

In the Session cart you can review and remove sessions (1), and click Finish Registration (2) when ready to finish your registration and display the registration form.

Fig.: Session Cart

In the registration form you can remove sessions you registered for (1), and/or add more attendees. You can also Sign in (2) if you’d like to see a list of the events and sessions you registered for.

Fig.: Registration Form including Session(s)
Fig.: Sign-in Form
Fig.: Logged in
Fig.: Finishing the registration for Event and Session(s)
Fig.: Confirmation

To see a list of events and sessions you’ve registered for click the drop-down (1) and then My Registrations (2)

Fig.: View My Registrations
Fig.: My Registrations Page including Sessions Button
Fig.: Session Registration(s)

The marketing event management team can see your registrations on the contact card, in the Event Registrations grid, and on the individual session(s)

Fig.: Registrations on the Event attended tab on the Contact form
Fig.: Active Event Registrations Grid
Fig.: Registrant on Session Form

With the updated event website it easier than ever to offer your marketing prospects a rich event registration experience and manage your sessions.

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