How to Export and Import Voice of the Customer Surveys

So you’ve built a Voice of the Customer Survey in one of your Dynamics 365 tenants, and now you would like to use that survey as a starting point for a new survey in another Dynamics 365 tenant.

How can that be done? Can you export a survey and import it into another tenant? I’ve seen that question asked more than once in various communities.

And the answer is yes – it can be done.


  1. In your exisiting survey navigate to the NOTES section and save two attached XML files to disk
  2. Log into your other tenant and navigate to Settings -> Voice of the Customer -> Voice of the Customer Imports
  3. Paste the xml from the saved survey into the corresponding field
  4. Delete the translations.xml file and replace it with the translation.xml file from disk



In my example I have an existing (published) survey called “FLS Supplier Self Rating”. Under the NOTES section I find two automatically created notes, each with an attached file

  1. Survey stored FLS Supplier Self Rating.xml
  2. Translations.xml

I save those two XML files to disk.

I now log into my target tenant and navigate to Settings -> Voice of the Customer -> Voice of the Customer Imports

I click NEW to open the “New VoC Import” form

In the “New VoC Import” form I provide a name for my new VoC import (1) and click SAVE (2) to enable the Survey Xml To Import field

In the Survey Xml To Import field (1)….

… I paste the XML contents (1) of the Survey Stored […].xml file I saved to disk above and then click SAVE & CLOSE (2)

The new import is now listed in the Active Survey Imports grid (1)

And I have a new (draft) Survey in my Active Surveys grid.

I open the new survey…

… and in the new draft survey I navigate to the NOTES section and delete the automatically created Translations note

and replace it with a new note called Translations, and attach the translations.xml file from disk to the note

Thats basically it – I can now publish the new survey and work with it (add graphics, edit texts etc) from here.

I hope you will find good use of this little tip that can save you lots of time recreating surveys.

See also

  • Working with Survey and Question Responses in Dynamics 365 Workflows – link

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