Understanding Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Licensing – at a Glimpse

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 provides flexible, high value, and simple-to-understand licensing for Dynamics CRM in the cloud. The new multi-tiered licensing model offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility. Customers can mix and match various types of user licenses (USLs) within a deployment to accommodate the specific needs of their businesses
  • High value. Customers can choose from highly competitive licensing offerings to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easy-to-Understand. Customers can obtain licenses based on the functionality that users require (rather than how users access the application)
  • Choice. Equivalency in the licensing use rights of online and on- premises licenses makes it easier for customers to compare and decide what works best for them

Below I've created a 'one-slider' to help you understand the USL-to-Feature/Service relationships.

For the full picture please see the "Dynamics CRM Online Licensing and Pricing Guide"

You might also want to check this blog post out "Understanding Dynamics CRM Licensing 2015"

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