Digital Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing affected by Silverlight deprecation

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing uses Silverlight to deliver digital asset management capabilities, such as uploading, marking up, or annotating files.

However, support for Silverlight is going away in some browsers. 

  • Support for Silverlight has been discontinued in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Support for Silverlight was also disabled by default in Chrome (with the option to override). With the latest release of Chrome (in September), the override and Silverlight support are expected to be permanently removed. 

Your users can continue to access Silverlight components for digital asset management capabilities by using Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, and Safari, as these browsers still support Silverlight. 

We are planning to replace the application components that use Silverlight with HTML-based components over the next few months. 

In Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2, the application will support HTML-based components for use in browsers that no longer support Silverlight, which will give users the ability to:

  •  Upload files
  •  Search, retrieve, and access files and folders
  •  Access folders and attachments related to any entity record

However, the following capabilities that rely on Silverlight will not be supported on non-Silverlight compliant browsers in Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update 1.2, but are planned to be supported in or beyond Dynamics Marketing 2016

  • View or add markups to image or document files
  • Access their file library to obtain a filtered view of folders marked as libraries
  • Insert files in social media messages and emails drafted using the drag and drop editor

Soon after Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update, we expect to permanently deprecate and remove Silverlight-based components. Users will have access only to the new HTML-based replacements for Silverlight components.

Please refer to Silverlight deprecation affecting digital asset management in Dynamics Marketing for updates on this topic "Silverlight deprecation affecting digital asset management in Dynamics Marketing".


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