It’s here – the Dynamics CRM for phones app (updated)

In case you missed it, the brand new Dynamics CRM for phones app is now available for you for favorite phone.

With the new phone app users on Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 will be able to have the same advanced experience from the tablet (CRM for Tablets app) adapted to the phone.


  • Access your activities, accounts, contacts, and leads from an easy-to-use home page
  • Guided contextual business process
  • Quickly enter customer data with only a few taps
  • Track progress for key performance indicators visually with charts
  • Access your personalized views of lists and grids so that you see the data most important to you
  • Pin tiles to the app home page to get to the info you need quickly
  • Even when there is no connectivity, users can continue to work with offline drafts that can be saved once reconnected
  • Fully support custom entities along with customizations

You can read more here:

The app is free – and you can get it for your


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