Deployment Options

The spectrum of deployment options is widening with On-Premises, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

With Dynamics CRM, the current deployment choices is On-Premises and Online (SaaS). To evaluate which deployment option is best for you, you could  a look at both

  • Who is responsible for managing the solution
  • The total cost of managing the solution. This goes beyond just the acquisition and must consider the entire lifecycle of the solution: evaluate, acquire, deploy, manage, support and grow.


Managing the Solution

Typical ‘on-premises’ deployment  

  • You will use a virtualization, or physical installation, of the solution in your own data center

  • Your IT department will be responsible for managing all aspects of the solution:

    • Purchase software and hardware

    • Install software

    • Provide the necessary storage, network and data center(s) needed to achieve (global) scale

    • Troubleshooting

    • Support updates and upgrades

    • Achieve security and compliance as required by the business and regulators

  • As needed, your IT department will lead business cases to

    • Invest / de-invest

    • Build more space

    • Add or re-orient resources based on load requirements and usage patterns


Online Services

With Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft manages

  • Networking

  • Storage

  • Servers

  • Middleware

  • Runtime

  • O/S

  • Hardware and

  • Software

We also


Trust Center

Our Dynamics CRM Trust Center explains our principles on Privacy, Transparency, Security and Independent verification, so customers clearly know what to expect from us, what certifications we hold and what our auditors think of our practices.


Security Practices and Policies

Microsofts security practices and policies are the result of more than 15 years of experience in providing security for online data and we provide a 99.9% financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA). Security and privacy are incorporated by design, from development to service operations.


Total Cost


On-Premises deployments

Dynamics CRM Online

Price calculation

License prices reflect the cost of accessing and using the software, not the cost of managing the solution

Given the number of variables involved in managing an on-premises deployment for the complete lifecycle of the application, customers often do a total cost analysis to determine the inherent costs of an on premises solution. IT and Finance tend to partner on this and consultants are often involved.

With CRM online comes simple and transparent pricing and licensing options, with plans priced on a per user per month basis

That price reflects the complete value of our Dynamics CRM Online solution that is managed by Microsoft


IT has total control of the server infrastructure, CRM deployment and ongoing support.

This is a somewhat more familiar scenario for many, as it has been the practice for well over 20 years.

However, there is an associated opportunity cost with this option. Mary Wardley, from IDC puts it best: “you need to look at what the opportunity cost is in the marketplace- the time and money you spend on in-house resources versus pursuing your core business opportunities in the market.”

There is value for both IT, and end users: IDC’s research shows that

  • With cloud deployments, IT staff spends 20% less time on routine service maintenance and has twice as much time to invest in IT strategy
  • Because deployments are three times faster in the cloud, 54% more of sales staff will adopt the solution and in half the time.
  • Once deployed, users will enjoy 93% less service down time

With CRM Online you’ll

  • spend less time on maintenance, more time on strategy for IT

  • see an increased success rate and productivity for end users.

  • See service down time for everyone.

In fact two of every three of our new customers are choosing our cloud offering vs. our on premises software. The total value our customers find in our cloud solution is simply put, a very compelling reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


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