Why can’t I create a Static Marketing List in Dynamics Marketing?

Many users have asked me why they can't create a static marketing list in Dynamics Marketing.

When they navigate to the Marketing List area and click "+" New to create a new marketing list, the only option they are presented with in the "Select the Type" drop-down is "Query" (aka dynamic marketing list)

Missing priveleges

The reason behind this is that the user has not been granted the priveleges to work with Lists.

If a user's type is set to "Regular User" (which is the default type for new users), you will see under the "Media" section that "Lists" is not included in the priveleges you can grant the user (only "Advertisements", "Markets", "Segmentation", and "Social Media")

However, if you change the user's type to "Media Buyer", a lot of new options surface, including "Lists"

Now simply grant the user priveleges to "Lists" and click Submit (note: minimum "View My" and "Edit My" is required)

Next time the user logs in, he/she will find option to create a new (static) list added to the Type drop-down

In other words. You'll need to set two things in order to be able to create static marketing lists in Dynamics Marketing

  1. User Type = "Media Buyer"
  2. Priveleges to "Lists"


If you dont wan't to set the "Lists" priveleges and other relevant priveleges for a "Media Buyer" user manually one by one, you can simply substitute step #2 above with adding the user to the user role "Media Buyer". This will provide the user with all the relevant priveleges in one step only.

Hope this helps

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