Adding the new News source to search topics in Microsoft Social Listening

The Microsoft Social Listening team has just recently added new features to the service, including

  1. Location analysis – please see this blog post
  2. News publications as a source to collect posts
    In addition to the existing sources (Twitter, Facebook, blogs and videos), you can now add news to your search topics and collect posts from news publications in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German
  3. Sentiment analysis is now available for posts in Italian
    Posts in the Italian language can now be analyzed for positive, neutral, or negative mentions

The easiest way for you to benefit from #2 and #3 in new search topics is to edit your existing Solution Defaults to include "News" and "Italian". You must also edit existing Search Topics to include "News" and "Italian" if applicable.

Editing Solution Defaults

Click Settings and then Solution Defaults

Scroll down to "Search Languages" and click Add to display the "Select Search Languages" dialog

Check the box next to "Italian" and then click Save

Scroll down to "Languages" and check the box next to "Italian" (now added to the list of optional languages), then check the box next to "News" in the "Sources" column and finally click Apply

Editing existing Search Topics

Click Settings and then Search Topics

In the list of existing Search Topics edit the applicable ones. In this example lets edit my exisiting "CRM Online" search topic:

I click the Edit icon to show the "Edit [Search Topic]" dialig

For each of the queries in the search topic I click the expand query icon

I check the checkboxes next to "News" and/or "Italian", click Test Seach Query and then click Close Query

I repeat for each query in Search Topic if applicable and then click Save

My seach topic now has the "News" source added and can start accumulate posts in the languages I've specified, including Italian (in my screenshot below there are no posts from "News" yet, but they will be there soon)

See also

  • Microsoft Social Listening User Guide – link
  • Microsoft Social Listening Help and Training – link
  • The "News" source is availiable as an app in Windows 8 too. To learn about which sources are available in what categories and languages open the app (FAQ)

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