Free Updated CRM Online Trial Experience and eBooks

Trialing CRM Online has never been easier. Just click and your are only minutes away from a great trial experience

  1. If you do have an Office 365 tenant already please use the "Sign in" button at the top right corner to ensure your CRM Online trial is added to your existing tenant. That way you can use the same login for all services.
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Once you've provided the info the trial should be up and ready for you in one or two minutes. Try it now.

Free eBooks

Below you'll find a list of FREE eBooks to get you started with your trial experience

Recommended reading

I've organized the links in sections

  • Getting Started – here you'll find suggested thing to try out – eg import your contacts to make the trial relevant, and try how simple it is to setup business processes that support the way you run your business
  • Service – if your business is service oriented why not try out all the great feature of the CRM Online Service module; Service Level Agreement management, Knowledge Base and more
  • Better Together – CRM Online works great with Office 365 – explore how in this section
    • In the eBook "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 Integration Guide" you'll find instructions on how to setup the CRM Online / SharePoint Online Server Side Synchronization, so you can store your CRM account related documents in SharePoint Online

  • Mobile – Included in every CRM Online license is the greatest tablet and phone apps in the market. Take your CRM Online on the road.
  • Connectors – I've you want CRM Online to talk to your ERP system we have the connectors for you
  • Administration – manage users, subscription and more
  • Social Listening – a great new addition to Microsoft Online Services that can help you understand the 'voice of the market'. Its included with CRM Online if you have 10 or more Pro licenses

Getting Started

  • What's changed in CRM 2013? (PDF)
  • Start working in CRM (PDF)
  • Dynamics CRM: Bring in your contacts (PDF)
  • Dynamics CRM: Create or customize dashboards (PDF)
  • Dynamics CRM: Business Processes (PDF)
  • Dynamics CRM: Change A Business Process (PDF)
  • Create your first Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing campaign (PDF)


  • What's new in CRM customer service (PDF)
  • Meet your service goals with SLAs and entitlements (PDF)
  • Give great customer service with CRM (PDF)
  • Use KB articles to help your customers (PDF)
  • Quick ref card for customer service reps (PDF)

Better Together


  • Go mobile with CRM for tablets (PDF)
  • Go mobile with CRM for phones (PDF)
  • 5 cool things you can do with CRM for tablets (PDF)


  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Installation Guide (PDF)
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Configuration Guide for Microsoft Dynamics AX (PDF)
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Configuration Guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (PDF)
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Configuration Guide for Microsoft Dynamics GP (PDF)
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Configuration Guide for Microsoft Dynamics SL (PDF)


  • Manage your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription guide (PDF)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Guide for CRM Online and CRM 2013 (on-premises) (ZIP)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Provider Planning and Deployment Guide (PDF)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online security and compliance planning guide (PDF)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises) to Microsoft Dynamics Online Migration Guide (PDF)

Social Listening

  • Dynamics CRM: Introducing Microsoft Social Listening (PDF)
  • Microsoft Social Listening for CRM (PDF)

Come join us – CRM Online is there to help your business objectives.


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