How do I know I have been granted a free non-production instance?

With Dynamics CRM Online, we offer a free non-production instance if you have 25 or more Professional User Subscription Licenses (USLs)

A non-production instance is an add-on instance that is separate from your production instance(s). Its not a trial instances so its doesnt expire. All users in your production instance(s) are also licensed for all your non-production instances, unless you want to restrict access using a security group.

A question I get a lot, is "how do I know I have been granted a free non-production instance?"

After you have been granted a free non-production instance, when you log into CRM Online, you will see a yellow message bar with the message "Congratulations, You have qualified for a free non-production instance" and a "Configure" button.

Clicking "Configure", will take you to the following page where you can configure your newly provisioned non-production instance.

You can always purchase non-production instances, currently at approximately a quarter of the price of production instances.


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