Five steps to a successful CRM Online trial

Many customers start their journey towards CRM Online with a 30 day free trial, with 25 users.

The "easiest" way for your trial to be a waste of time is creating the trial in day 1 and then at day 28 click here and there randomly in the interface. This experience probably will answer no questions for you in terms of what CRM Online can do for your business.

From the many, many successful trialing customers we have seen on CRM Online, we've compiled five steps to a successful trial

  1. Set your objectives – think about what you want to see/verify and create a plan to see it.
  2. Personalize and add users – adapt to your company preferences, eg mobile users
  3. Add data and business processes – import *your* data and build *your* processes in an intuitive point-and-click interface
  4. Take it out for a spin! – explore the sales features, marketing features, service features and verify that they will increase your productivity 
  5. Get ready for implementation – learn about licensing, training, partners and more

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