Spring Forward – The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Release Preview Guide is here!

The Release Preview Guide (RPG) for the Spring Wave of products from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is here.

The RPG describes the capabilities we are bringing to enable marketers to understand how their customers feel about their brand through Microsoft Social Listening.  With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, we give them a reprieve from the fragmented solutions all too common today by providing a service that allows them to carefully plan their campaigns, deliver qualified leads to their sales teams and subsequently measure their return on their marketing investment. 

For sales professionals, we’ve broadened the offering of our sales mobility solution to include a version for Android devices. At the same time, we’ve made it even easier to take advantage of Insights powered by InsideView within your CRM system. 

We are also enabling a full range of functionality for service professionals—from the powerful self-service capabilities in our recently acquired Parature offering, to the multi-channel capabilities coming in CRM including the Unified Service Desk to empower contact center agents to resolve customer issues with ease.

Market smarter.  Sell effectively.  Care everywhere. 

Download the RPG today! http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=395005

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